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  1. Jan, 2017


    Package Details

    Logo Design

    Business Card

    Letterhead Design

    Stickers And Envelop

    Price : 1200 LE


  2. May, 2017
    Digital Marketing campaigns
    Product details

    Length 10 Days

    Analytics Report For Your Website

    Advertising On 10 Websits

    Campaigns At Google Adwords With 200 LE

    Price :2000 LE

  3. Feb, 2017
    SOCIAL MEDIA Management

    Product Detailed

    Up To 4 post /week

    8 Monthly Custom Designs With 50 $ Target Paid Ad

    Audience Building With 1 Monthly Cover Photo

    price : 1000


  4. Jun, 2017
    WordPress Website

    Product Details

    • unique pages for your website 
    • responsive layout for all devices 
    • Amazing plugins and features that help in your SEO
    • CMS to enter your data from

    Price : 2000 LE